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We're Celebrating!

Building Happy Childhoods
In Recognition of The Center's 30th Anniversary

The Exchange Club Family Support Center has been so honored to be allowed into the lives, into the homes of our client families over these years.

The success of our Center’s Programs and services is due to so many, from the Staff and Board, the Los Angeles and Orange County Exchange Clubs, our invaluable donors, many of which have been gifting us with their support for many years and of course our numerous collaborative community partners.

May the Exchange Club Family Support Center continue in BUILDING HAPPY CHILDHOODS for many years to come!!

"When hired to start an Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center from square one, never did I imagine I would be here thirty years later!  What a ride it has been, with more than a few bumps along the way but far, far more highs than lows!  It has been an honor to lead this agency through its growth to the programs and services we offer today.  Very early on we began using the name Exchange Club Family Support Center, for that is what we do…. SUPPORT families in their quest for the most productive, loving, respectful environment in which all the family members can thrive!  I’ve seen the CHANGES with our families that our programs have helped foster.  I wouldn’t have been able to stay all these years if I didn’t.  

I know I am where I’m meant to be and have so much to be thankful for!!  Huge thanks to the Board of Directors for their support and allowing me to grow the programs as I saw fit.  Even bigger thanks to my staff, current, former and those that leave then return either to volunteer or as a staff person once again.  But mostly, my gratitude to the client families that have allowed us into their lives, for there are countless parents and children that have changed mine.  A CELBRATION OF 30 YEARS INDEED!!"

- Georganne Bruce, Executive Director

"Having worked at the Exchange Club Family Support Center for the past 23 years as an Administrative Assistant, I have benefitted so much, not only professionally but also in my personal life. It is very rewarding to work with such an amazing group of women who dedicate their time and knowledge to work with our families, sincerely, from the heart.

I can say this is all possible with the great leadership of our Board and Executive Director, Georganne Bruce, who has been with the Center since it first opened its doors back in April of 1991. I feel truly blessed to work in a place where we are not considered just a staff or co-workers but friends and family."

- Martha Rojas, Administrative Assistant

"On behalf of the California/Nevada District I congratulate you Georganne and the Exchange Club Family Support Center for thirty years of strengthening families and leading in the Prevention of Child Abuse.  

I am honored to know you, Georganne, and admire your leadership and dedication to Exchange and the Prevention of Child Abuse.  I, along with the rest of the California/Nevada District Board, thank you for your thirty years of service and wish you continued success as you and your staff move forward."

- In Unity for Service,
Shirley Lashmett
CA/NV District President

"Becoming parents became easier with the help from the Exchange Club Family Support Center. Our family is more loving, compassionate, forgiving, playful and closer to each other because of what we learned through the many parenting class programs like Ready, Set Grow, Infant Massage, ABC Parenting and Loving Solutions. Together, we were able to develop stronger and more loving, lasting bonds with our daughters and even with each other as their parents.

We took advantage of every opportunity and resource available because we wanted to make sure that our girls grew up with confidence and feeling truly loved, safe and cared for. We've even taught our daughters to give back to this little hidden gem by collecting donations on their behalf and supporting their efforts by connecting them to other families in the community."

- Gaby and Javier, parenting class participants

I’m very proud to say I have been Secretary and a Charter member on the Center’s Board of Directors for 31 years now.  My passion and heart has been the Center and the families they have helped for these 30 years.  I wouldn’t be involved if I didn’t believe in the Programs that the Center’s Mission Statement supports.  

You can donate to a charity and not know where your money is going, but I have seen first hand the awesome job the staff has done.  I hope the Center is around another 30+ years with continued successes.

- Wanda Iacovitti, Board Secretary

"The Exchange Club Family Support Center showed me a new way of life. Marla has taught me many parenting tactics as well as believing in myself. They've also help with many Christmas celebrations, food, anything that had to do with me and Esmea's needs. I will be forever grateful for the Parent Aide Program."

- Valerie, former Parent Aide participant

"Mi nombre es Marilyn. La verdad es que no sé cómo expresar mi agradecimiento hacia ustedes ya que me estuvieron acompañando y guiando en los peores momentos que estaba pasando por varias situaciones. El apoyo que recibí de mi Trabajadora Norma que siempre estuvo ayudándome. Sobre todo cuando nos traía donaciones a mis niños y a mí. Esa sonrisa, la felicidad y la emoción que ellos tenían en el momento no lo voy a olvidar nunca.  Por eso y muchas cosas mas no sé cómo agradecerle al Exchange Club Family Support Center.  Pero desde el fondo de mi alma que Dios los bendiga a todos y cada una de las personas que forman esta organización. De corazón, muchas gracias."

My name is Marilyn. 

The truth is that I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you since you were with me and guided me in the worst moments that I was going through.  The support I received from my Case Manager, Norma who was always helping me, especially when she brought donations to my children and me.  I will never forget the smiles, the happiness and the emotion that they had at the time. For that, and many other things, I don't know how to thank the Exchange Club Family Support Center. From the bottom of my soul, God bless each and every one of the people who make up this organization. From my heart, thank you very much.

- Marilyn, former Parent Aide participant