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In Home Parent Aide

Exchange Club Family Support Center’s primary service is the Parent Aide Program.


Families referred for Parent Aide services have either experienced a problem with child abuse or are seen as being at high risk for abuse to occur.

Referrals for Parent Aide services may be received by a number of different sources and include Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, private therapists, school personnel and local hospitals and clinics.

In addition, the Exchange Club Center receives self- referrals from individuals concerned with their own parenting.

“How great that programs like the Exchange Club Center’s Parent Aide exists.  It was a huge help, thank you to all.”
Former Parent Aide Program client

Who Are Parent Aides?

Parent Aides are people who understand the unique challenges of being a parent.  They are individuals who can relate in a way that is informal and supportive.  Trained and experienced, they possess child development and family living skills knowledge.  No one can solve all problems, but a Parent Aide can help by teaching how to raise children more effectively.

What do Parent Aides do?

Help with emotional support.

It is easy to spend so much energy caring for others that you neglect yourself.  Parent Aides can help parents meet their own needs so they can:

  • 01.
    Feel more relaxed – in meeting all of life’s demands. 
  • 02.
    Be more involved – and build stronger ties with their family and community.
  • 03.
    Be more confident – as skills grow in managing parenting and home management tasks.
  • 04.
    Help with meeting your children’s needs – Parenting takes time, love, patience and training!

Help with meeting your children’s needs.

Parenting takes time, love, patience and training!  Parent Aides can share the practical skills every parent needs to meet his or her child’s needs:

  • 01.
    Physical needs – these include proper nutrition, exercise, rest, safety and health care.
  • 02.
    Emotional needs – Children need to be loved, accepted, praised and made to feel secure.
  • 03.
    Need for discipline – Children need discipline that’s firm, fair and consistent.
  • 04.
    Educational needs – Children need to learn in the most supportive environment possible.

Help with daily tasks:

  • 01.
    Finding transportation
  • 02.
    Budget planning
  • 03.
    Explore childcare options
  • 04.
    Household management
  • 05.
    Dealing with professionals and providing advocacy
  • 06.
    Locating emergency and community resources
“I have become more confident as a parent and am capable of following through and implement my new skills. I learned ways to discipline my child by other than yelling, which I used to do a lot!  Thank you for teaching me a better way for both me and my daughter.”
Former Parent Aide Program client

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